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Building Futures for People with Developmental Disablities

Support Services

St. Coletta's of Illinois

Heather Benedick

Vice President 

Adult Support Services

Phone: 708-342-5200


Ashley Ciciora

Director Psychological Services

Phone: 708-342-5200

Kim Cappelletti

Director of Social Services

Phone: 708-342-5200



Karen Gall

Director of Nursing

Phone: 708-342-5200

St. Coletta’s of Illinois prides itself in providing a structured, balanced and safe service delivery that enhances the quality of life for each program participant.  To do so, there are specific supports integrated into each individual’s service plan.  The three main support services offered by the agency are:



The agency’s Social Service Department is comprised of dedicated staff that facilitates each individual’s programs and services.  One QIDP is assigned to develop and coordinate the care plan of each individual enrolled in one of the agency’s programs.  All housing, vocational, employment, skill training, recreational, health, and psychological services are coordinated and facilitated by a member of the Social Services Department.




The Psychological Services Department is staffed with highly qualified licensed personnel that provide behavioral and mental health services to individuals that reside in one of the agency’s residential homes.  They develop customized behavioral programs for individuals with the need.  They also provide individual and group counseling, crisis management, music, and art therapy, and work cooperatively with the agency’s psychiatrists to monitor and develop medication regimens to meet the needs of each individual.




The agency has assembled a team of dedicated RNs and LPNs at the Tinley Park Administrative Complex that attend to the medical needs of the individuals enrolled in the residential and adult day service programs.  The nurses work cooperatively with the Director of Medical Services to provide the best health care possible.  The nurses assess each individual’s health on a regular basis and structure a health care plan that meets the needs of the individual.  The nurses coordinate services with specialists and providers, provide health care services at the Tinley Park facility, collaborate with each individual’s Community Support Team to integrate the health care plan into the Individual Service Plan and provide communications regarding each individual’s health status for emergency care.



Nursing photo