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Building Futures for People with Developmental Disablities

Specialized Adaptive Services

Adult Services

This specialized program is designed to offer medically-involved participants that are confined to wheelchairs the opportunity to improve their physical well-being and enhances personal growth. The program offers essential life experiences and opportunities in a structured environment that improves the quality of life of the program participants.  Auditory stimulation, sensory integration, tactile stimulation, relaxation and positioning, horticultural therapy and benevolent touch therapy are activities that are structured into each individual’s day.


The program also offers clinical services.  Speech, occupational, nursing and physical therapy are available to program participants that have the funding in place for such services.  The program employs adaptive equipment to meet the special needs of the participants.


A caseworker is assigned to each program participant to develop an individualized program plan that establishes the structure for program activities to meet the needs of each participant.



  1. Must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

  2. Have a primary diagnosis of a developmental disability documented through a psychologist or psychiatrist.

  3. No minimum level of skill development is required for program participation.

  4. Behavioral problems must be such that they do not interfere with active treatment goals, present a danger to the individual or others, or exceed the licensed regulations for the facility.

  5. Must be certified free of communicable diseases by an M.D.

  6. Must have a record of receiving a tetanus booster within the past ten years by an M.D.

  7. Level of care must not exceed the ability of the program staff.

  8. Must have funding established prior to admission into the program (see Referral Process).

  9. Must produce physician’s orders as required by licensing and/or accreditation agencies for treatments and medications to be administered during program attendance.

  10. Must have a desire to participate in the program.


Transportation is offered to program participants on a limited basis.  If transportation is not available, agency personnel will work with families in an attempt to develop alternative means of transportation.