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Building Futures for People with Developmental Disablities

Janitorial Program

Adult Services

The Janitorial Program is a curriculum-based 12-week program that provides disabled individuals with classroom teaching, hands-on learning, and simulated work experiences at the St. Coletta’s of Illinois Administrative Complex located in Tinley Park. The program coach provides supervision and immediate feedback to the program participants.  At the successful conclusion of the 12-week program, participants will be prepared for entry-level housekeeping, janitorial or custodial jobs.


Program participants will learn carpet care; floor care; restroom cleaning; office cleaning and the cleaning of various types of surfaces.  They will be exposed to the newest technology in the industry and be taught the proper use of chemicals and other cleaning supplies.




  1. Must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

  2. Must have a documented disability that prevents competitive employment in an integrated community setting.

  3. Must have a valid social security number.

  4. Must have a valid state ID or driver’s license.

  5. Must be certified free of communicable diseases by an M.D.

  6. Must have funding in place at the time of admission.

  7. Must have a physical in place suggesting that program participation will not jeopardize the individual’s health or well-being.

  8. Must have an interest in program participation                          (see Referral Process).

  9. Must have the skills and aptitude to benefit from the program.

  10. Must be able to obtain transportation or transport self to and from the program site.

  11. Must not possess behaviors that will interfere with the program or potentially present a risk to the individual or to others.