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Building Futures for People with Developmental Disablities



Ray Bryan

Vice President of Community Programming

Phone: 708-342-5200



Residential Service


Intermediate Care Facilities

For Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Services provided by an ICF/DD are designed for those individuals diagnosed as having developmental lags which are considered amendable to treatment in a twenty-four hour managed care environment where they will achieve maximum growth.  Individuals are admitted to an ICF/DD after it has been determined by an interdisciplinary professional team that admission is the best available plan.


An interdisciplinary team of health professionals will complete a comprehensive medical, social, and psychological evaluation of each individual’s need for care in an ICF/DD.  As appropriate, other professionals will be involved on the team, with at least one member who meets the definition of Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (“QIDP”) and including the participation of a nursing professional. 


The primary purpose of an ICF/DD is to provide habilitative or health care services to individuals with developmental disabilities.  Our facility provides internal and external active treatment programs, interventions and services as to support the achievement of the objectives identified in the Individual Service Plan (“ISP”).  The services include but are not limited to occupational, speech, physical and recreational therapies, psychological, psychiatric, audiological, social work, special education, dietary and rehabilitation counseling.