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Building Futures for People with Developmental Disablities

The program is designed to provide assistance to disabled persons that desire to obtain employment in a community-based situation.  The program staff develops an Employment Plan for program participants.  The plan is a collaborative effort with the participant to ensure the individual makes informed choices and employment goals are realized.  This program offers intensive services to obtain employment and minimal job coaching and follow-up services after employment.





  1. Must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.

  2. Must have a documented disability that prevents competitive employment in an integrated community setting.

  3. Must have a valid social security number.

  4. Must have a valid state ID or driver’s license.

  5. Must be certified free of communicable diseases by an M.D.

  6. Must have funding in place at the time of admission                   (see Referral Process).

  7. Must display an interest in program participation.

  8. Must have the skills and abilities to retain a community-based employment situation upon admission.

  9. Must be able to obtain transportation or transport self to and from program and work sites.

  10. Must not possess a criminal background or behaviors that will interfere with the individual obtaining or maintaining employment.


Competitive Placement

Adult Services